Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LUMA - Winterlicious 2012

I started going to Winterlicious in 2006, and I usually get disappointed although , I still keep going every year to see if somehow there will be something new and interesting....This year my first restaurant was Luma and to be honest even I am a huge fan of Chef Jason the menu didn't catch my attention at a first glance. But, I went ahead and made reservation - just because it is Jason Bangerter.

It was a good decision; portions are reasonable for the price, fish and greens are fresh and each dishes has a unique taste - spices and dressings compliment well.

Appetizer - Citrus Cured Alabacore Tuna

Fried Fish Cake was my first choice - nice, crisp and soft in the inside, you can actually taste the herbs and fish. Next is the Leek and Lasagna  - creamy with nice tender potatoes. The Pan Roasted Chicken was a bit dry - don't get me wrong, the sauce and pancetta were tasty.
Main -Crispy Fried Fish Cake (Salmon & Tuna)

Chocolate and Butter Pudding with butterscotch and vanilla is nice too, quite heavy and sweet compared to the Apple and Buttermilk Panacotta which is very light.

Dessert - Apple&Buttermilk Panacotta

I paired my meal (images above) with Jean-Luc Colombo Les Abeilles Cotês du Rhone Rouge $13 glass.