Thursday, October 6, 2011

VE-gan Day@Kensington

Unexpectedly my day with Elisa at Kensington turned out to be a Healthy Vegan Experience. It was our catch up day after her trip from Kenya, Africa. The original plan was to go to one of the restaurants on King St. or Queen West then, head to Kensington for a nice espresso from Sublime. Unfortunately, she was more than two hours late - my back up plan was to try Hibiscus.
Soup and Salad Combo
Tomato Basil & Mushroom with Cheese Crepes

We were afraid to indulge with chocolates and caffeine after a healthy meal. The BIGGEST surprise - Sublime Espresso is serving Miss Cora's Kitchen vegan cupcakes.

Indulgence of the month from Miss Cora's Kitchen

On top of it, we only spent less than $30 for everything.