Friday, October 7, 2011

My Newest Addiction

La Merceria is my newest addiction...the first time I've seen the place was back in December 2009, when I was taking my Bartending Class. I was afraid to go inside, I knew it can be addictive. Just end of September, while walking on Portland I said to myself -I seriously have to check out this place, I need a coffee anyways - so there, I walk in and my eyes were mesmerize with the wooden furniture, plates & linens nicely and neatly folded, everything were organized and smells good [a combination of freshly brewed coffee and clean refreshing scent]. They have a very perfect country house like ambiance [if I can describe it that way]. The Staff is very friendly and accommodating - the greatest piece a shop or cafe will ever have!
              Sea Salt hand cream & vanilla milk scent candle            
I've been eying on this bag for few weeks now, hoping to get it soon